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Oak Leaf Festival's Vendor Application
Saturday, August 31, 2024

We are seeking a variety of vendors for the Oak Leaf Festival. Kelly Avenue and Main Street vendors will be for Saturday, August 31, 2024.

VENDOR SELECTION: Please read the regulations as there have been a couple of changes. To provide patrons with a variety of selections for the festival, the Oak Leaf Festival Committee reserves the right to not accept an application if more than the desired amount of an item is already registered for the event.


  1. We will be letting a limited number of vendors stay after the 4:00 p.m. breakdown. Breakdown time will be 10:00 p.m. The fee will be $75 per space. If you are interested in staying, you will need to get your application turned in as soon as possible, as the spaces are limited. These spaces will be on a first come – first serve basis. They won’t be saved for previous years vendors. These spaces will be on the upper end of Main Street towards Jones Avenue. If you decide to stay, you will not be able to break down and leave until the last band is finished and the street is cleared of people.

  2. Vendors will be provided a 10X10 space for all vendor equipment (e.g. displays, stands, tables and supplies. If the vendor is using a trailer or truck/van, they will be required to purchase two (2) spaces, due to the amount of room needed for vendors on each side of them.

  3. Kelly Avenue vendors will be charged per unit. Kelly Avenue vendors if $100 per unit per day. Vendors will leave Kelly Avenue no later than Sunday evening.

  4. Application fee per unit: The vendor application fee is non-refundable. Vendor space is $50.00 per unit per day. Power: $10 per space/unit per day and water $10 per space/unit per day. Spaces with power and water are limited, so they will be on a first come, first serve basis. Please mail in the $50 fee with a request for power and water and if available it will be collected upon your arrival.

  5. Payment Options: Check or Money Order
         Return Application by Mail to:                       Return Application in person to:
         Oak Leaf Festival                                           New River Gorge Visitors’ Center
         PO Box 364                                                    310 W. Oyler Avenue
         Oak Hill, WV 25901                                        Oak Hill, WV 25901 (beside Vo-Tech)

  6. Spaces will be assigned by the Vendor Coordinator prior to the Event. The Coordinator will be on site during setup to ensure vendors are set up as assigned. Those vendors who are NOT accepted will be called. Others can get their spot number upon arrival. There will be someone at the entrance to let you in and tell you your spot number. You will be called if you are not accepted (which we try to place everyone).

  7. All items should be handcrafted, unique collectibles or food items. Vendors who provide a service will also be considered. Junk items/buyouts will not be considered. NO yard sale/garage sale items.

  8. Applicants must provide their own equipment.

  9. Photos or other promotional material submitted during the operations of the Festival become the property of the Oak Leaf Festival and may be used for promotional purposes.

  10. Generators are not permitted at the event.

  11. REQUIREMENTS: Vendors must meet all of the requirements listed below in order to be considered. Incomplete applications or missing permits may delay or cause your application to be denied.

  12. INSPECTIONS: Health Department requirements: It is the responsibility of each food vendor to comply with Fayette County Health Department (304-574-1617). The health card permit if $50.00.

  13. WV Tax REGULATIONS: West Virginia Tax Requirements – It is the responsibility of each vendor to comply with the WV Tax Department on regulations of sales.

  14. Vendors must set up for the event starting at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday. Vendors must be ready by 8:00 a.m.

  15. Vendors on Kelly Avenue who require power must bring their own power cords as none will be provided.

  16. Vendors must provide their own tables, chairs, tents, etc. Each vendor is responsible for the set up and breakdown of their booth.

  17. All setup/load-in must be completed and all vehicles must be removed immediately from the area. Area must be cleared before 9:00 a.m.

  18. Vendors are asked to stay the entire length of the event.

  19. Break down/Exit: Vendors will only be allowed to break down at 4:00 p.m. MUST be cleared by 5:00 p.m.

  20. Vendor location must be litter free at the close of the Festival. ANY VENDOR NOT ADHEREING TO THE POLICIES IN PLACE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RETURN.

  21. UTILITIES, SOLID WASTE & CONSERVATION: Trash receptacles are provided by the City of Oak Hill. Each vendor is responsible for cleaning their rented space before leaving the event.

Applications will be accepted until August 28th. If you want the same space you had previously, applications must be received by the deadline. After that date, vendors will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Please email or call 304-640-1818 and leave a message for more information or questions regarding the event.

Booth Type:
What utilities do you need?

Business Title (basic setup items and size of setup):

Booth Description (type of items for sale)

Thanks for registering. See you there!

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